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John M - Upfront Magazine
Universal Flow is quite a dark, but strangely uplifting, release from Organic records. Perpetual Loop should be familiar to anyone who bought the fine Pysmeditation compilations or the much overlooked Gateway to the Sun from a few years ago. This album brings some of those tracks, including a slightly reworked version of the classic (well I've played it out a lot over the last two years, so that's sort of a classic...) Eastern Sunbreak. Producer Charles Massey seems to be doing a fine job of carrying on the traditions of 90s festival acts such as Loop Guru and Transglobal Underground in fusing ethno samples and down tempo electronica. Fittingly enough for a Manchester based producer the album opens (and closes) with rain and then what sounds like Atmosphere (the Joy Division, not Russ Abbott one!) done inna updated global electronic stylee. The album then continues with its own sound that's big and widescreen with sampled chants, voices and general etherealness over insistent beats and epic keyboards sweeps and melodies. Overall; a fine and consistent debut with more than a touch of a grand film score about it.

liese - Mushroom Mag
Mystically shpongled with a fat dubby rhythm. Similar to the last Downbeat release from Organic, this CD is another one that gets under your skin and there sets off on a trippy journey in and through the chiller's psyche. The depth behind the universe of sounds found on this disc make it a must for every detoxifying ambient fan. (Psymeditation 2)
...perpetual loop delivers a dreamy soundscape....

Dead Eassrnest (Psymeditation 2)
...Perpetual Loop...have produced some truly awesome ambient music works that range from celestial to rhythmic, often hypnotically...

Triskle (Psymeditation 2)
... fluid dreamscapes from the mystic shores of Perpetual Loop's 'Morning Chant' ....


Album: Nocturnal Symbiosis

"Inspired by the sounds and artists I grew up with, this is an upbeat chilled album, with hypnotic pulses, rolling bass lines, and spaced out pads. Retro in places, future in others."

Digital Duvet (CD)

Grebeau - Charles' Dance Project
Enoch Prusak - Charles' Ambient Project
Digital Duvet Records - label
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