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Perpetual Loop exists out of the love of chill out music. Based in Manchester (UK), Charles Massey has been involved with music ever since his time began, but it was a move to London in the late 90s where he began to concentrate on his own organic style; embracing computer technologies to create landscapes, beats and symphonic arrangements (classically trained on both the Cello and the Piano).

Several media projects followed, writing music for small independent films. In the spring of '04, Charles, along with Michael dog and Eat Static, released a compilation on Rumour Records, encapsulating an electronic ambient feel, which became an instant hit, and included his first release as Perpetual Loop - 'Eastern Sunbreak'.

In November of the same year Perpetual Loop released two further tracks on an Organic Records compilation (Psymeditation), managed by long time serving psytrance maestro Chris Organic. In the summer of '06 Perpetual Loop's debut album (Universal Flow) was released to critical acclaim.

Spending the next two years playing live (PA) at festivals and clubs, Perpetual Loop released the follow up album (Catching Zinc) in '09, again to critial acclaim.

Charles now spends most of his time writing under several names, for several genres, as well as small media projects, but it is chill out music where his main passion lies, and this is expressed through Perpetual Loop.

Through Uxamal Records, Charles has had the opportunity to push the Perpetual Loop sound in many new directions. This is mostly reflected in his 3rd and 4th albums (Passage of Sound and Molecronsition).

It's all about the Journey.

Perpetual Loop's music is simply described as "created landscapes to close you eyes too or drift off too on a lazy day".

Please feel free to contact, leave comments, have a read, have a listen and enjoy.


Album: Nocturnal Symbiosis

"Inspired by the sounds and artists I grew up with, this is an upbeat chilled album, with hypnotic pulses, rolling bass lines, and spaced out pads. Retro in places, future in others."

Digital Duvet (CD)

Grebeau - Charles' Dance Project
Enoch Prusak - Charles' Ambient Project
Digital Duvet Records - label
Oliver Flude - the cool bloke behind the catching zinc cover
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