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I'm taking bookings for live sets both nationally and internationally.

The following are two examples of live set;

Samsara Festival (Europe) - Main Stage (Chill) - Live (80 - 110BPM)

BK - 46 - Festival (Russia) - Sep 2016 (126 - 135 BPM)

Live sets can vary in length between 45 mins to 120 mins / 75bpm - 130bmp, depending upon your requirements.

For live sets I supply all my own equipment. Live sets are performed via a laptop, sound driver and hardware controllers x 3. This takes up very little space (app. 4ft x 4ft). All equipment is powered by two AC power outlets. Audio signal is supplied by a two male RCA phono connector. I usually plug these directly into an existing mixer / DJ mixer / amplifier.

I need very little time to set my equipment up, and can do it within 10 mins, however a soundcheck, if possible, is always useful!


Bookings, information about tracks and mixes, any reviews and general info and chit-chat.


Album: Nocturnal Symbiosis

"Inspired by the sounds and artists I grew up with, this is an upbeat chilled album, with hypnotic pulses, rolling bass lines, and spaced out pads. Retro in places, future in others."

Digital Duvet (CD)

Grebeau - Charles' Dance Project
Enoch Prusak - Charles' Ambient Project
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